Christmas Blessing ADOPTION

Children are needing to be adopted between November 6th – 20th. There are three ways to adopt an SCN Christmas Child:

  1. Contact Chrissy, select a child, purchase their gifts from their wish list, and deliver it to Chrissy.
  2. Purchase a Walmart or Amazon gift card, drop it in the offering plate or hand it to Anne.
  3. Select an envelope from the Trifold on the greeter’s table, put the money in the envelope, and then drop it in the offering plate or the Blessing Box.

On December 18th, we will have our Church Family Christmas Dinner following the worship service. Everyone is invited! We want moms and dads and grandparents and friends and especially KIDS to join us! WHY? Because not only are we going to be eating together, all the children will be receiving a gift.

Let’s make sure that all the kids receive a gift who attend Christmas Sunday Dinner on the 18th of December.