1, FIRST and foremost, if you are sick in any way, PLEASE STAY HOME. If you have a fever, PLEASE STAY HOME AND GET WELL. Join us on Facebook Live until you are well and able to return. Let us know you are sick so we can remember you in our prayers.

2. MASK ARE OPTIONAL If you have had your vacination and still want to wear your mask, feel free to do so. If you are not comfortable wearing a mask, you do not have to wear it. However, we ask that you respect those who want to wear a mask and those who do not want to wear a mask. Let’s not let “the wearing of a mask” cause a problem. Instead, let’s focus on worshipping the Lord.

3. Germ-X or a generic of Germ-X is on the table as you enter the the church. Please feel free to use it anytime.

4. Social Distancing – As long as the Covid numbers are high, for your protection, we as that you continue to practice the “6′ apart” policy. We recomment hand or elbow bumps. However, feel free to shake a hand or hug if you feel comfortable greeting in that fashion. But, please ask permission to shake hands or hug anyone as some still are not comfortable with that form of contact.

5. The sanctuary is still set up where each row is spaced at least six feet apart. If there is someone sitting on a row that you wish to sit in, ask permission to sit with them and leave a chair empty between you and them, unless they ask you to sit next to them. (This applies to individuals who are not a part of your family.)

6. When using the restroom: PLEASE WASH YOUR HANDS BEFORE LEAVING.

7. We will be serving coffee. We have a table with individual packets of sugar, sugar substitute, and creamer. PLEASE HANDLE ONLY WHAT YOU ARE PLANNING TO USE and DISCARD YOUR TRASH ACCORDINGLY.

8. When exiting the worship service, PLEASE USE SOCIAL DISTANCING. If weather permits, please visit outside the church so that the foyer does not get too crowded.

9. CHILDREN’S CHURC – We are not offering Children’s Church at this time due to Pastor Ava’s issue with her throat. She is under doctor’s care and until she has been released and able to sing and project her voice, she will not be able to lead. However, you ar more than welcome to bring your children and have them sit with you in the worship service.

10. ARE NURSERY IS OPEN. We are making the nursery available and are cleaning/sanitizing before each Sunday service.

11. We are still NOT BE RUNNING THE VANS. As soon as we can work all the details out concerning the van ministry, we will let you know.

WE WANT TO CONTINUE TO DO WHAT IS BEST FOR EVERYONE IN KEEPING OUR MOST VULNERABLE SAFE FROM THIS VIRUS.” So, please respect the health of everyone. This is truly not about YOU! This has been said over and over and it had never meant more to all of us than it means in this day and time.

If you are still uncomfortable with re-entering or find it would be hard for you to personally follow these guidelines, please know that we understand. As stated above, we are offering the 9:00 a.m. service in the Fellowship Hall. During the 10:45 a.m. service, we offer Facebook Live who want to continue to join us through these avenues during these difficult days.

Presently, we meet on Sunday morning for our 9:00 & 10:45 worship services as we have noted. We also offer Wednesday Bible Study for Men and Women. Ladies, if you can not find a baby sitter for your children, feel free to bring them with you to the Bible Study. The Women’s Bible Study is in the Fellowship Hall and on Diana Beaty’s Facebook page. The Men’s Bible Study is in the Old Fellowship Hall, on Zoom, and on Facebook. The Men’s Prayer Breakfast is in the Fellowship Hall on Saturday morning at 8:00 and is open to any man who would like to come, have a meal, fellowship, and become involved in a Bible Study/Prayer Time.

We want to serve you in the very best way we can during these days. Please be aware that we love you and we miss you dearly. Coming back together will be slow and safe.

Let us continue to encourage each of you to stay to the Lord and to the church through giving of your time, your prayers, your patience, and your tithe/offerings. We will look forward to being with you in person or online.