Prayer & Praise

We want to continue to praise the Lord for His touch on Sharon Westbrook life. God has been so good to help her through her entire journey. She is seeing improvement daily and we know it is because God is working. Let’s continue to keep her in our prayers.

Harold & Sandy Michaels lost their home & all their belongings in a fire on Monday, December 14, 2020.

We praise the Lord that no one lost their lives but this couple has a long road ahead of them and needs our prayers daily.

Cancer Patiences:

Bill Higgenbothan

Frances Snelson

Heather Howard

Greg Story

Jeff Thompson

Tina Rowden

Shirley Logsdon

Wilma Adrian

Carrie Harlow

Physical needs:

Retha Lancaster

Becky Harris

Billy Shell

Barbara & Jerry Burkett

Lisa Miles

Peggy Vanderford

David Phillips and the Phillips Family (Kathy passed away on February 5th)

Donna Harvey

Dyann Bobbitt

Virginia Michaels

Genger Hamrick and family

Hershel & Joyce Henry

Linda Ritchie (Lori’s friend)

Ananya Reeves

Monica’s dad (Robert)

The teachers & students in our schools

Those who are dealing with the Coronavirus

Those who have lost love ones because of the virus.

Spiritual needs:

Monica’s dad (Robert)

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