The monies raised from this fundraiser is not only used to help send children to camp in the summer but also funds many events that we have during the year. It is through this fundraiser that we help buy school supplies for the kids all during the school year. The fundraiser also takes care of the cost of our Fall/Spring Family Festivals, Christmas Party, Outings, KID’S CAMP PROGRAM, and yearly supplies and software that we use in the children’s department. Through this fundraiser, we have the liberty to focus on giving to missions during VBS instead of raising money for ourselves. We build our budget and yearly ministry around the funds that we make from this special event. We want to thank each and everyone of you for being a part of this event and helping us to provide our kids in our church and community.

We have three things that will be happening on the church property at the same time. Instead of having a BAKE SALE one week, a CRAFT FAIR another week, and a YARD SALE at still another time, we decided to have all three at the same time. Let me share with you how this fundraiser works.


We have ladies in our church that love to make things. They also know individuals who love to do the same. A few years ago, Kayla Dean hosted the first CRAFT FAIR at the church and had a wonderful group that came to sell their goods. As a take off from her idea, we designed an SCN CRAFT FAIR where the ladies of the church could sell their items for less cost to them. Most craft fairs charge $25 – $50 per booth. And if those that sign up to sell their goods don’t make $50 or even $25 dollars, they walk away in the red with nothing to show but a lot of hard work with no profit.

Pastor Ava felt that this fundraiser needed to be set up to bring honor to the LORD. First of all, instead of charging so much per booth, she has asked that each vendor be given a booth, at no rental cost, in the fellowship hall to sell their products.

At the conclusion of the day, those who were given a booth, would be asked to give 10% of what they made that day. No one will ask anyone to show their total earnings but will ask them to give 10% or their profits or 10% of their gross or a donation that would be no less than a 10% of the amount raised.

Again this is on the honor system and no one has been or will ever be questions about what they choose to give. Though our purpose is to raise money for our kids, we also want to help our vendors to walk away with money in their pockets too. Click on the “Craft Fair Registration” button below and reserve your booth.

We have a wonderful lady that is the overseer of the CRAFT FAIR. She will be in touch with you once you have filled out your form.


The BAKE SALE was added on to the original fundraiser plan. But when we heard the voice of the people, we recognized just how important the BAKE SALE was for this fundraiser. There are those that don’t sew or create anything with yarn, threads, or fabrics. However, they are super gifted and love to create things in their kitchen. It was through the voice of these ladies that we added the BAKE SALE each year. 100% of all money raised in the bake sale is given to the children’s ministries and is added to the totals of funds raised that day. If you like to bake and would like to help us raise money for the kids, we invite you to bring some of your best sweets to be sold at the big sale on October 14th.


When Pastor Randall & Pastor Ava’s family lived in Canton, MS they were introduces to the biggest flea market they had ever seen. However, Canton, TX makes the Mississippi flea market look super small. The creation of our SCN YARD SALE was designed out of what they saw at that annual flea market in Canton, MS.

At every booth, people were selling new and used products. There were a few vendors there selling their specialized wood products. But 90% of those who had a space were selling used products like those seen in a yard sale. The town of Canton sponsored the event and CHARGED EVERYONE A FEE for a booth to sell their goods.

Many people from the church and in the community have things they would like to sell to make a little extra cash for Christmas or to pay off a bill or to go on a short vacation. However, having a yard sale is near impossible at their home because of where they live.

That is when Pastor Ava came up with the idea of having our own little “YARD SALE” flea market where people can bring their used items to sell in a very convenient place. Again, we are not charging anyone to reserve a space to set up. We do not limit what you can sell at your booth. Nor will we ask you to tell us what you made. Instead, all we ask is that you give to the SCN Children’s Ministries Fundraiser no less than 10% of what you made from your earnings.

And we ask that when the sell is over that you remove all of the items that you did not sell. We encourage, if you do not want to keep the items to sell at a later date, that you drop any unsold items off at HOPE RESTORE on Main Street. All monies raised in that store goes toward helping to house battered women and their children in a time of crisis.

If you have yard sale goods that you would like to sell and desire to give all monies raised to the SCN Children’s Ministries but do not feel that you can physically sit and work a booth, please contact Pastor Ava and let her know what you have and she will see if she can find someone to sell your goods for you.

We have an individual that has volunteered to oversee the YARD SALE. We need you to fill out a form so we can reserve a spot for your yard sale goods.


We are planning to have a meal & drink during the lunch hour. We will let you know when we get closer to the event exact what we will offer and how much each plate will cost.