Each year, during our VBS week, we raise money for the Children’s Ministries. Through these offerings, we are able to send kids to camp, purchase prizes, supplies, and ministries tools for our kids. However, due to the Pandemic, we have no been able to raise any funds for the children’s ministries during these past two years. But, we have continued to purchase supplies, that were not donated, and even sent children to camp this years which cost about $1500.00. We have also had to purchase copyrights to use the songs that we used on the SCN VITUARL VBS this year as well as materials to make up the craft bags and postage to send to those who had requested them. Needless to say, the children’s funds have dwendled.

The purpose for this fundraiser is to help us raise monies for the upcoming events for our kids as well as monies that will go toward Kid’s Camp 2022. I have never seen a fundraiser quite like this one but I believe it will be a blessing to all who become involved. Please take a moment to read through this entire document, ask the Lord how you can be a part of this event, and then sign up! Here are some questions that have already been asked. And, at the bottom of the page is a place where you can sign up for either or both event.


We will begin at 9:00 on the 23rd of October. Everyone who signs up can start selling their goods anytime after 9:00 and can tear down and leave anytime before 4:00. Noone is expected or obligated to stay the entire time. All that we ask is that when you decide to leave that you clean up your area and donate an offering, from your earnings, to the fundraiser.


This is a very unique fundraiser. Individuals can sign up for either the Craft Bazaar or the Market Bazaar or both, if you have enough family members to “man the booths”. Because each of these events will be held in two different areas on the church property, individuals will have to sign up and reserve their booth where they will be able to sell their goods. The individual can bring as many items as they desire to sell. Each person will be responsible for pricing and selling their goods at their reserved booths.

When an individual has sold out, needs to leave, or at the 4:00 hour, the SCN Family ask that you count your earnings and agree to give at least 10% of your profit to the children’s ministries. That is what makes this fundraiser very unique. Those who participate will have the opportunity to earn some extra money for Christmas and at the same time, the children’s ministries will be blessed with an offering that will go toward the expenses of the 2021-2022 church year.

There have been those who have asked, “Can we give more than 10% of what we earn?” ABSOLUTELY! You can donate as much as you desire. All we ask is that you give at least 10%. There may we those who sell $200.00 worth of goods and they decide that they want to write out a check for $25.00. That will be their choice. But we ask if someone sells $200.00 worth that they do not come up and give $5.00 or $10.00 even though we will not question your gift and will be grateful for all that is received.


We ask that no item be dropped off at the church. This is not a CHURCH YARD SALE fundraiser. However, if you know someone who has reserved a booth to sell used goods, like those found in a yard sale, you are more than welcome to get in touch with them and see if they would like to come by and pick up the items you have to donate. They will be able to sell the items at the price they feel they’re worth and can choose to keep the money that they earned from the sell or donate the earnings to the children’s ministries fund.


We ask that all those who reserve a booth be responsible for seeing that their area is cleaned up before they leave and that no item they brought on the property is left on the property. We ask that no item is donated with intent to leave on the church property by any of those who have booths. This fundraiser is designed for individuals to be able to have their little yard sale at the church at the same time as others. Instead of it being a huge church yard sale where all the funds go toward a particular ministry, it is several “mini yard sales” where individuals can have a place to sell items they cannot other wise because they do not have a good place at their home for a yard sale.

Therefore, just as one would be responsible for cleaning up their yard after their sale, we ask each person who signs up for a booth will do the same at the church and all unsold items be removed from the church by 5:00 on Saturday, October 23rd.


We are going to be praying that God will hold back the rain on that Saturday. But if it rains, we can look at a couple of ways to still help individuals sell their goods in the Market Bazaar. However, because the Craft Bazaar will be held in the fellowship hall, rain would not effect that part of the fundraiser.

One way the Market Bazaar can still operate if it rains on that day is by allowing those who have signed up for booths to reserve an hour under one of our tents to sell their goods and then post on Facebook what items will be sold under the tents at each given hour from 9:00 – 4:00. Or we can post what hour each family will be selling their goods under the tents.

The second way that the Market Bazaar can still operate if it rains on that day is by allowing those who have signed up for booths to post their items on a SCN FUNDRAISER CRAFT & MARKET BAZAAR page which would would be set up prior to the Saturday event.


Those who have booths in the Craft and Market Bazaar will be given a bottle of sanatizer for their booth. They can ask individuals to use some before they handle your items if that will make you feel safer. Everyone can wear a mask that feels safer with a mask. We will provide gloves and masks for those handling food. We will stategically set up each booth with proper social distance and trust that each individual who signed up for a booth with take that extra precaution to stay at least six feet from people at all times. We will not know if those who come to buy have been in contact with someone with Covid or are contagious with the virus when they come on our church property.

We will be fogging the buildings at the conclusion of the day and will try to locate an individual who will monitor the restrooms throughout the day. The main thing that we are asking everyone is that they use sanatizer after every transaction and remain social distant at all times.

If you want to participate in this fundraiser but are uncomfortable in being on the church property and around individuals all day due to Covid, we are looking into setting up a special fundraiser page on facebook that will make it possible for you to post your items. If this is a way that you would like to help raise money for the children’s ministries, please sign up in the Facebook area instead of the Craft or Market area.

Sign up for your booth today!

Sign up for your booth today!

Sign up for your booth today!

Sign up for your booth today!

We are looking forward to a great day and a great success. If you know anyone that has a food truck or trailer and you feel they would be willing to come and sell their product on that day with a willingness to donate to the fundraiser before they leave, encourage them to sign up and plan to come. Thank you!