Last year, Pastor Ava turned this ministry over to Chrissy Pettingill. She registered the children, had each child adopted in no time, and saw that each child received gifts the Sunday that we had our Church Christmas Meal.

Because she was on the receiving end as a child, through our annual Christmas Adoption Program, her passion to oversee this Christmas ministry proved to be a great success and we thank her for her endless hours of work given last year.

As you can see, there are three steps that make this children’s ministries event successful. Without funds to purchase gifts or individuals to adopt a child and see that they receive their gifts, no gift will be available for that child. That is why it is so important that we, as a church family, do our part. Everyone can help in some way and let us show you how this will work.



Anne Rigsby has designed a very unique way to help see that there is enough money to get gifts for each kids. The money given through this Tri-fold will go into the “Women of the Well’s Christmas Fund”.

Anne shared that “The “Children’s Christmas Blessings” trifold, setting on the “Greeters’ Table”, is a unique way to give to the Children’s Christmas project.  Anyone can pick an envelope, or two, maybe even, three or four from the trifold.

When you select an envelope, please put the amount inside that is on the front of the envelope. Next, drop it in the offering plate or Blessing Box. The money counters will then put your donation into the “Women at the Well’s Christmas Fund” If you want credit for your “end of the year contribution slip”, simply put a piece of paper in the envelope with your name on it so you can receive credit. You can also write a check for the amount on the envelope if you like.

All the money from these envelopes goes toward buying Christmas gifts for the children in our church and extended families who are in need.

This is one of the most rewarding donations that can be given. To see the smiles, love, and appreciation not only from the children but their parents, makes it so rewarding. Some of our children will only receive Christmas gifts this year through this ministry.


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You can also give to the “Children’s Christmas Blessing” project through our online giving site. Simply log on, select “Children’s Christmas Blessing”, type in your amount, and send. NOTE: We use Easy Tithe that automatically takes out 3% when you give. If you want to add a little extra to your donation, that would be appreciated.


The “Women at the Well’s Christmas Fund” is also receiving “Walmart” and “Amazon” Gift Cards. Everyone seems to have so little time to shop once the Christmas Season begins. And there are those that still are not comfortable to go shopping or have got out of the habit of shopping.

This year, the “Women at the Well” is making the “Blessing of Giving” easier on everyone. Selected individuals will be going online and purchasing the children’s gifts through Walmart and Amazon.

AND, if you prefer not to go to the store and purchase the gift cards, you can go online and give a gift through Walmart or Amazon to SCN Family. The church email is

The ladies, who are making the purchases, will be notified when you or anyone else gives a gift directly through these two sites on behalf of the church.

All we are asking is that you drop your gift card in the offering plate or the Blessing Box by November 20th. Or that you purchase an ONLINE GIFT for the church by November 25th.


There is only one more option that we can offer to anyone that desires to receive a “Children’s Christmas Blessing”. If you are a person that loves to shop for Christmas and look for the bargains for kids then talk to Chrissy and adopt a child through her assistance.

You will be able to adopt starting Wednesday, November 2nd and ending Sunday, December 4th. She will give you a list of items that the child/children would like to have and you will have 25 days to return your adoption paper and the gifts.


The ladies will begin purchasing the gifts for the children on Black Friday and complete their shopping by the first week of December. This will give them plenty of time to order, receive, and organize everything for the BIG DAY when the children will receive their gifts.


On Sunday, December 18th, we will invite all the families to join us for Worship at 10:45a.m. followed by our SCN Christmas Meal. At the conclusion of the meal, the ladies will hand out the gifts to all the children who are present.

The rest of the gifts will be delivered during the week of December 18-December 24. Each child will receive their gift/gifts by the 24th of December.


Thank you, in advance, for supporting this “Children’s Christmas Blessing” Project. I know the Lord will bless you for your donation in years to come. You may not see the blessing right away but you will be blessed for giving to the children.