OCTOBER 24, 2020

We are excited to report that all repairs have been made except the replacement of the water heater that we are waiting on and the carpet company who has just a few odds and ends that need they will be getting complete in the next week of time. It has been a long journey waiting for everything to be repaired. We thank all of you for your patience during this time. And we want to thank those who came Thursday evening to help clean up and put everything back in place.

UPDATE: September 16, 2020

The insurance adjuster was able to come this week and meet with the restoration company. They should begin the restoration soon but it looks like we will be worshiping in the fellowship hall for another two weeks.

On Thursday afternoon, the 3rd of September of 2020, at approximately 4:00 p.m. , our hot water heater, that was located in the foyer closet, (30+ years old), rusted through and began flooded the church.

Mark Laidler arrived at approximately 4:15. When he entered the foyer, he saw the water and immediately opened the closet door. He soon learned that the old hot water heater had no shut off value. As he tells it,

“I ran upstairs, grab some pliers, quickly went out to the road, and turn off the main water value.”

Mark Laidler

He contacted pastor to let him know what had taken place and then began moving things out of the closet.

The pastor called me and I sent out the following text… “WE HAVE AN EMERGENCY AT THE CHURCH! The hot water heater has sprung a leak and the foyer is soaked. We need everyone with shop vacs to head to the church. Thanks!” (I did not know that we were dealing with a flood until after I arrived.)

By the time I got there, Lori, Tina, and Diana had already arrived. I received a call from Chrissy that her mom was on the way. Ms Carolyn soon came in, as well as Anne & Danny, Edward, Danny Shown, and Pastor. For almost an hour and a half, we filled shop vacs and emptied them before we realized the flood was bigger than we once thought it was.

Pastor got on the phone and talked with our insurance representative and it was decided that we need a professional crew to come in to take care of getting the rest of the water out of the building. Before leaving, the SCN crew moved everything that needed to be moved into the dry area of the sanctuary and placed fans in every area where they felt it was needed.

The Crusader Classroom

Water was standing 1/2 -3/4 inch deep in places.

Not only was the closet flooded, but, it flooded the Crusader’s classroom, the Men & Women’s restroom, the foyer, the hallway, the nursery and toddler room, the old fellowship hall that is used for the Women’s Bible Study and Diana’s Sunday School Class, the pastor’s office and part of the back of the sanctuary. There was so much water flowing at one point that is was seeping out of the outside walls and onto the walk way between the two buildings.

The professional cleanup team arrived at approximately 9:00 this morning, Friday, September 4th. As they began to assess the damage, they shared with the pastor that those who came to remove the flooded waters last night did a great job. It was apparent that the quick response saved us from having more damage than we did and we want to thank all of you for your hard work.

After the team assess every room, they shared with pastor that they were going to have to pull paneling away from all the walls where the water had gone through from one room to the other. They were also going to have to drill holes in the bottom of the cabinets in the old kitchen, the bathrooms, and the book cases in the pastor’s office that are mounted to the wall. This entire”drying out” process will take approximately four to five days.

When you stop and look at this event, you see how God spared us from a greater disaster. One might question why the Lord allowed it to happen. Well, even the sandals that the Israelite wore for the 40 years in the desert, eventually wore out. Nothing man made was ever meant to last forever. But isn’t it amazing how God impressed Mark to go down and work at the church last night when he did?

If the water had gushed out of the water heater all night at the rate that it was flowing when Mark arrived, just think how much more damage we would have been dealing with this morning. So, even in this eventful moment in the history of the church, we can give praise to the Father for, once again, looking out of the SCN family and their needs.

We don’t know what we will have to pay, over and above what the insurance pays. But, we know, whatever we face even during this pandemic and this crazy year of 2020, that God will provide somehow because HE STILL HAS EVERYTHING UNDER CONTROL.