The Women of the Well Ornament Exchange Party was such a wonderful success last year that it was suggested that we have it again this year. This party is for the ladies of the church and any friends they would like to invite. We will be having events for the children and would ask that no men or children attend this event. However, if you are a single mom and have no one to watch your child, please don’t stay home for that reason. We always take into account that there might be exceptions to the rules.


We will plan to start eating at 5:00 p.m. on December 11th. Please note that the party will be at least one and a half hours long and try to come fifteen minutes early with your dish. That will give everyone an opportunity to eat and be a part of the “Round Robin Christmas Ornament Exchange Game” in the time that we have set for this party.


We will be serving Soup/Chili and a Fruit/Salad Bar as well as cookies, brownies, or finger dessert treats. Plan to sign up to bring your favorite Soup or Chili Dish, a Fruit Salad or Green Salad, and/or your favorite Christmas dessert bar or cookies.

We will provide coffee, tea, and some kind of Christmas drink.


We are asking that every lady brings at least one dish of food and a Christmas ornament. If you invite a friend, offer to bring their ornament and a dish of food for them seeing they are your guest. If you bring Soup or Chili, plan to bring crackers or Fritos that you would serve with your dish.


This game has been given many different names through the years. And the rules have been changed up to fit the group that is playing the game. It is some times referred to as the “White Elephant Game” when the party request that you bring a used item.

This is how we will be playing the game.

  1. Each lady will bring a new ornament wrapped in a box or put in a Christmas sack with tissue paper and place it on the designated table when they come in.
  2. Each lady, at the beginning of the first round, will draw a number. Once everyone has receive a number, the game will begin. #1 has only one choice and that is to select one of the boxes or bags from the table. When they return to their seat, they are to open the box or pull from the bag and reveal the ornament that was selected.
  3. The next number, which in this case would be #2, will be called out. That person has two choices! If they like the ornament #1 selected, they can take that ornament away from #1 and then #1 will have to go back over and select a new gift box or bag. When they get back to their seat, they will open it, reveal their new ornament and that round is over. OR #2, if they do not like what #1 has, can go to the gift table and select a gift, open it, and once it is revealed, that round is over.
  4. As we progress with more numbers, each person will have a bigger selection of ornaments that they can chose to take from another person. For instance: If #10, when their number is called out, likes the ornament of #5, they can go over and take #5’s gift. At that point #5 has to decide if they want another person’s ornament or one of the gift boxes or bag from the table. If they decide they want #3’s gift, they can go over and take #3’s gift. At that point #3 has to make the choice of the table or another person’s ornament. NOTE: #3 can not take #10 or #5 ornament in that round because once an individual has taken an ornament in that round, that ornament is considered “unavailable” or “dead” and can not be taken from anyone else until a NEW ROUND BEGINS!
  5. A Round is consider complete when a person selects a gift from the table and keeps it.
  6. The game continues until the last number is called and they pick up the gift from the table or select a gift from a lady in the circle who in return selects, and so forth until the last person says, “I am going to keep this one” or all the other ornaments are considered “unavailable” or “dead”
  7. Last year, we played the game three times as we have learned that by doing it three times, most of those playing end up with the ornament that they want to take home. However, it did make the game long and we were at the party longer than we intended to be. So we will decided before we play the game if we will only play it once or more than one time.
  8. One of the most important rules of this game is to buy or make an ornament that you would want hanging on your tree. REMEMBER, you may be taking it home.