“Primetimers” is the name that has been given to all adults 60 years of age and old who are a part of not only the Searcy Church of the Nazarene but the International Church as well. We believe that individuals that have reached the age of 60 are in their prime in life and understand the need of fellowship and further study of the WORD.


In 2022, after spending several weeks going from house to house, it was decided to create our Tuesday activities. In a years time we would not be able to visit with every Senior or be in all of their homes. But through Primetimers’ Tuesday, we get to see all the Seniors, that can make it out, every week.


The Bible Class was developed out of a deep desire from our senior adults to be able to come together and study the WORD. They had expressed how much they had missed their Sunday School Class and longed to be together again. After talking to Rev. David Phillips, a retired minister and member of the SCN Fellowship, the PRIMETIMERS’ BIBLE CLASS began. Each week Brother David leads the group through an hour discussion from the Church of the Nazarene Sunday School Quarterly Lesson Book.


The luncheon was added to the weekly ministry and soon 12 ladies in the group selected partners to form six groups that plan and serve on their week on the calendar. The list for 2024 has been put together and each team can go to the PRIMETIMERS MEAL PLANNER LIST and find the week that they will be serving next.


The Birthday celebrations became a part of the ministry toward the beginning of the Tuesday event. On the last Tuesday of each month, all those who had a birthday and anniversaries in that month are recognized. Everyone sang happy birthday to them and we let them be at the head of the serving line, if we don’t forget.


“FUN DAY TUESDAY & BINGO day began in 2023 It was decided that BINGO would be a part of the Birthday Celebration Day. And we would plan to have this on the last Tuesday of every month. This time each month is important for the men and women of the group. Many of them love to cook but no longer have family to share meals with each evening. By having this meal once a month, all the ladies and gentlemen who love to cook for others are blessed with this joy