“Primetimers” is the name that has been given to all adults 60 years of age and old who are a part of not only the Searcy Church of the Nazarene but the International Church as well. We believe that individuals that have reached the age of 60 are in their prime in life and understand the need of fellowship and further study of the WORD.


In 2022, at the beginning of our Senior Adult Leader, Ananya Reeves’s ministry, she was meeting with Pastor Ava or Dyann Bobbitt one day a week to visit in the home of one of older adults. She began by visiting the home of our shut-ins and then others who attended the church.

Soon she learned that it would take a long time to have the opportunity to visit all those whom she has felt God had led her to care for in a very special way. Through sharing her concern, PRIMETIMER’S TUESDAY was created.


The Bible Class was developed out of a deep desire from our senior adults to be able to come together and study the WORD. They had expressed how much they had missed their Sunday School Class and longed to be together again. After talking to Rev. David Phillips, a retired minister and member of the SCN Fellowship, the PRIMETIMERS’ BIBLE CLASS began. Each week Brother David leads the group through an hour discussion from the Church of the Nazarene Sunday School Quarterly Lesson Book.


The luncheon was added out of Ananya’s deep desire to cook and serve. She believed that there were those who would attend that was in need of a good wholesome meal each week. Though many in the group might not need that midday meal, she felt she needed to provide for all to make sure the few that really needed a good meal left full and content.


The Birthday celebrations became a part of the ministry toward the beginning of the Tuesday event. Ananya wanted each senior adult that attended to know that they were loved. So on the last Tuesday of each month, all those who had a birthday in that month was recognized. Everyone sang happy birthday to them and in the beginning, they received a piece of cake or cup cake with a candle. However, the candle light has stopped but the singing has not.


The “Potluck”/”Covered Dish” GAME DAY theme began in 2023 after Ananya attended a special luncheon with Dyann. She had so much fun and felt that it would add something special to the ministry. She introduced it to the group soon after she returned from the luncheon. It was decided that games would be a part of the Birthday Celebration Day.

But it did not stop there. After our Thanksgiving and Valentine Celebration, the ladies expressed a desire to share potluck each month. And because Ananya loved this group so much, she agreed that the last Tuesday of each month we would have a meal that some call “POTLUCK” and others call “COVERED DISH”. Ananya understood how important this was for the men and women of the group. Many of them love to cook but no longer have family to share meals with each evening. By having this meal once a month, all the ladies and gentlemen who love to cook for others would be blessed with this joy,


10:30 a.m.- 11:15 a.m. Brother David will be sharing a condensed version of the lesson

11:15 a.m. – 11:45 a.m. BINGO will be provided for the group with prizes. (This will be the game that will
be played each month except for those months with special emphasis.)

11:45 a.m. – Recognize all who had a birthday.

11:50 a.m. – Have prayer and invite the birthday candidates to go through the line first.

11:50 a.m. – “POT LUCK”/”COVERED DISH meal is served.


At the end of July 2023, Ananya, with tearful eyes, shared that she would no longer be able to come each Tuesday to cook, serve, fellowship, and spend time with the senior adults that she had come to love so much.

Although she is still the Primetimers’ leader at SCN, she will no longer be able available on Tuesdays because of her new job. Ananya and Kyle Reeves have chosen to open a “Thai Food Trailer” here in Searcy. Ananya had to attend classes which is required of all those who open food trucks and trailers in the state of Arkansas. After she has met all the requirements, the trailer will be set up on the lot on Beebe Capps across from Conoco, in front of Stew’s Brew, and very close to the church. Stop by as often as you can and help support her new adventure.


When the ladies learned that Ananya would no longer be able to be there on Tuesday, they met together to decide how to continue to make meals a part of “Primetimers’ Tuesday” ministry.

It was decided that two ladies would team up each week to prepare a meal for the group. Each team would provide a main dish and one vegetable of their choice. When asked, “What are we supposed to cook?”, the following explanation was given.

“You are the hostess for that week. We are not coming to your home for the meal. Instead, you are bringing the meal, that you would prepare to serve in your home, to the fellowship hall where we are meeting for our Bible Study.” You can serve any dish that you wish to serve because you are the hostess. And if you need assistance in the purchase of the meat, please contact Pastor Ava.”

Along with the weekly hosts/hostesses, who is providing the main dish and one vegetable, others will be providing a small salad bar and desserts. Jerry Burkett, who has been taking care of the drinks, will continue to take care of the drinks each week.


  1. MEAL SERVERS – We ask that only those who are serving the main dish, vegetable, & salad be in the kitchen 15 minutes before the meal is served. (If you are the host/hostess and are unable to stand and serve what you have prepared, feel free to ask someone to serve in your place.)
  2. CLEANUP CREW – We need those who did not prepare the meal to volunteer to help clean tables, sweep, and take out trash. We ask that only two individuals volunteer to wash and dry dishes.
  3. DESSERTS SERVERS– We ask those who have prepared the dessert for the week to cut the desserts and put them on the table in front of the serving line before the meal is served so that you are not in the way of the servers at the time that the meal is served. Thank you.